Xcaliber Infotech

Global Leader in Managed Data Services, Consultation, and Business Solutions

Transform your businesses with our Strategy and Architecture Consulting, Big Data, Analytics, and Integration Services.

What We Do

Xcaliber provides Software and Product Development Consulting Services to companies. We have expertise in Multi-Shore Delivery for different domains like Supply Chain and Logistics, IoT, Embedded, IIoT, and Telecom domains. Our Services include

Strategy and Architecture Consulting

Managed Data Services

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services

Digital Transformation Services

Why choose Xcaliber for Digital Transformation


Our Core AI/ML Services with Strategy and Architecture Consulting takes products and companies ahead of their competition.


We are experts in Domain-specific Data analysis in Supply Chain, Healthcare Revenue Management, IoT, Telcom, Embedded, and IIoT.

Digital Agility

Xcaliber focuses on Cloud Computing, Web & Mobile Applications, Data pipelines, and Data Analytics to provide a world-class user experience.

400+ Professionals

In this rapidly changing world, with over 400+ Talented Employees, Xcaliber knows how to solve challenging problems using software that keeps getting more intelligent.

Let us help you with your Digital Transformation!